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The reduction of your energy bill relies on three fundamental pillars

Understand your consumptions and indentify energy drifts

Energy Saver brings you :

  • Sub-billing by floor, area, or use
  • Automatic deviations detection through powerful algorithms
  • Real time alert triggers
  • Action plan definition and return on investment validation
  • Optimization of energy purchases from suppliers

« Simply understanding your consumptions allows you to save 7% on your bill. »

« The smart consumption monitoring combined with real time alerts on possible energy deviations can make you save even more. »

« Save 10% on average on your energy bill. »

Concerns adressed :


Automatic control

Energy Saver brings you :

  • Automatic actions on detected deviations
  • Scheduled consumption regulation
  • Return on investment optimization thanks to centralized multi-site control

« The automatic and smart lighting control of our buildings made us save 12% on our energy bill. »

« Save 20% on average on your energy bill. »

Concerns adressed :


Support and services

Energy Saver brings you :

  • Energy hotline provision allowing you to act as fast as possible on energy deviations
  • Production of personalized and scheduled reports to follow the action plan and its results
  • Everyday support from an energy manager dedicated to your buildings fleet
  • Optimization of your energy savings

« A team of specialists at your disposal. »

« Support from an energy expert allowed us to achieve the expected savings and meet the return on investment plan. »

Concerns adressed :


Your concerns

The 100% answer to your energy needs

Energy bill optimization

Reduce your consumption and ajust your subscription with suppliers

ROI as short as 4 months

Suggested solutions to meet your needs and allow you to reach record return on investment

Standards and certifications

Thanks to the action plan check, Energy Saver contributes to obtaining and retaining environmental certifications

Up to 40% of savings

With Energy Saver, act on a broad range of equipments and achieve unmatched savings

Market deregulation

Energy Saver solutions allow you to better know your energy needs so to better buy energy from suppliers.

Communication & reporting

Track the impact of your energy actions and cummunicate results to contributors to involve them even more.

Energy Saver solutions

Solutions to meet your needs

Energy Saver for PC

Save up to 75% of your PC fleet consumption thanks to our unique solution on the market.

Energy Saver for SMB

Save up to 40% on your energy invoice of your buildings fleet thanks to our solution mixing powerful monitoring, smart control and effective services.

Energy Saver for BMS

Optimize your BMS control thanks to our solution which can help you identify energy deviations of your buildings with a single look.

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